What is all of this?

I’ve been interested in photogrammetry and projection scanning for quite a while, but I’ve never really had a good way of capturing things a bit more artistically. GSplatting, or 3D Gaussian Splatting, is a form of capturing scenes in a way that preserves the visual quality but doesn’t provide an actual polygonal model.

Unlike photogrammetry, GSplatting provides a fairly realistic gaussian of the captured scene that can be viewed using very little computational resources, this is a big reason why Nvidia is investing time into NeRF (actually something completely different but they’re similar in output).

Anyways, here’s a quick demo that allows you to view models in a browser, I may add a few different gaussians that I’ve been working on, but currently I’m borrowing bonsai-7k-mini.splat. You can check out the code here, and here.

gsplat.js left click rotate, right click pan