This page should serve as a simple public board of our ideas until they’re big enough to deserve their own website or repository.

Distributed Geo-Cities

Geo/Neo-cities that use public and private servers from the community and a simple cli to join and create networks of servers. In the end this should be similar to Squarespace in the ease of setup and reliability, leverage as many servers as possible to create a high availability network.

This kind of aligns with the Hype Net ideas that we plan to talk about more in blog posts, using something like netbird to allow people to join clusters of computers. The cluster wouldn’t have to be public servers either. The idea is that we’d have a public CDN that is made up of 3 or 4 public servers, ideally with infinite bandwidth and at least 1gbps of uplink, then all the grunt of server side rendering and compiling websites would be done on just some person’s computer.

Another idea is to have people’s home computers function as big image hosts and all the HTML, CSS, and JS is on public servers so there’s much more potential website slots per public server.

Some resources I want to go back to later: